When To Know If Video Banking Is Right For You

Posted on: 28 August 2020


Video banking services are those where you would use your phone or laptop's camera in order to start a video call with a representative from the bank you choose. These services can be right for you if you don't like other online banking, need to talk to a person without physically being there, or are worried about your time.

If You Don't Like Online Banking

If you are someone that likes the convenience that online banking offers but not the online apps or tools, a video banking solution might be for you. Some people find that online banking tools done through a bank website or app isn't as user-friendly as a real-life bank appointment. Video banking offers the same services and tools available to those that want to deposit a check, withdraw from their savings account, open a new loan, and even have professional banking consultations as they would in a regular bank meeting. If you don't like online banking but still don't want to physically go to the bank, video banking might be for you.

If You Need To Talk To A Human While You're Away

Another great time to take advantage of video banking services is when you need to handle a banking transaction or process by talking to a real person at your bank, preferably face-to-face, but you aren't able to physically go to the bank for whatever reason. More and more banks are finding that physical branches are less necessary than they were thought to be, even for services that are normally handled outside of an app or phone call. For example, there could be times where you need to divulge information that you would rather keep between you and a bank representative whose face you can see, while you aren't able to physically visit a branch.

If You're Worried About Time Wasted

Finally, one of the reasons that many banks offer video banking is because both bank employees and customers report that it's a faster way to handle banking, for both parties. Frequently, there is little set-up needed for the technology that video banking offers. You can typically enter the (secure) video-sharing app or service either at your appointment time or when you request a video bank meeting, go through the banking process, and be done, sometimes without ever leaving home. Meanwhile, traditional banking requires you to grab your I.D. and other documents, drive to the bank, wait for your slot, and drive home.

Video banking offers convenience and personal care that other banking solutions can't. Find a bank with video banking solutions near you today.