Tired Of Missing Out On Big Government Contracts? How To Get And Keep The Next One

Posted on: 16 July 2018


As a construction contractor, you want "the big money." As everyone knows, "the big money" comes from doing government contract work. However, every time you have tried to get a government contract, you just cannot seem to break into that line of work. It is hard, but once you break through and snag a government contract, you have to bring more than your "A-game" to the table; you have to bring your "A+ game." Here is how to get, and keep, the next government contract you bid for.

Look at the Bids Other Contractors Have Provided in the Past 

The government usually is not too worried about spending a lot of money on something. Yet, the people in charge of each government project typically have a ballpark figure they are attempting to secure. Since these projects are funded by taxpayer money, the projects are open to public record and, by extension, public scrutiny.

For all of the projects you put in a bid for, look up those projects to see which of your competitors won the bid, and how much the bids were. Then look up the performance bond construction contractor services these winning contractors used, as it will help you discover if your competition failed or succeeded in delivering what they promised for the price they promised.

Checking Your Own Bids for These Projects

Next, check your own bids for these projects. Were your bids even close to the winning bids? Government agents still like a good deal when they can get one, so if your bids were consistently higher than the winning bids, you are going to have to bid much lower. This can be a tough pill to swallow, but if you land one government contract, and you deliver as promised, you will have a much better chance of getting another, and another, etc.

Switch Your Performance Bond Company to the One Used by Competitors

There may be a reason these contractors keep getting these contracts. A performance bond company might be the preferred bond company with which the government agencies prefer to see security on their contracts and projects. If there is one performance bond company that comes up more often than any other in all of the past government contracts and projects, there may be something to this. As such, you should switch performance bond companies to the one that seems to receive the most attention from government agencies. It may be that little extra help you need to get the next contract.