How To Get Your Money Back After Bailing Someone Out Of Jail

Posted on: 18 April 2018


If you bail someone out of jail, then you are putting your credit on the line. You have to sign a contract with the bond agent. A bail bond is an insurance policy that guarantees the defendant to show up in court. After doing a favor for a friend, it is common to want your money back as soon as possible. Read on to find out how to get your money back after bailing someone out of jail.

Ask About A Cash Bond

A cash bond is when you pay the full amount in cash.  It includes a nonrefundable Sheriff's fee of $25.00 and the full amount of the bond. However, the Sheriff's fee is not a requirement by every city.

Posting a cash bond comes with risks. You may get all or some of your money back. The court system uses the money from your bail to cover fines the defendant may have to pay. If there is any leftover money, then you will not receive it until the end of trial. However, a cash bond does not require the services of a bails bondsman. Your local Sheriff's office can give you instructions on how to post bail.

Ask About A Surety Bond

A surety bond is an agreement between you and the bails bondsman. It has to be funded by an insurance company. You also have to sign a contract with the insurance company. The company also requires you to put up collateral or cash to cover the full bond in case the defendant does not come to court.

It helps to use a bonds company that is licensed by the State Department of Insurance. You will not be paid back the entire amount of surety bond posted. You have to pay the Sheriff's fee and a fee to the bondsman. Your bondsman charges 10 percent of total bail.

Ask About Court Appearance Bail Bonds

An appearance bond is when the defendant agrees to a written agreement to show up for court. The defendant also agrees to pay a fee if he or she breaks the agreement. The different appearance bonds includes unsecured, partially secured and secured. An unsecured bond is when you make an agreement without backing it with cash. A partially secured bond is when you post a percentage of the bond. A secured bond is when you put up the entire amount of your bond.

Unfortunately, some people make bad choices and end up in jail. If you decide to bail someone out, then you need to help with getting your loved one on the right track. After posting a bail, the amount you get back depends on the type of agreement and the fees. Contact a service, like Absolute Bail Bonds, for more help.