3 Useful Steps When Conducting An Estate Sale

Posted on: 29 January 2018


After a family member passes on, their house and possessions in it may be left over. The best course of action for liquidating everything, if your family is in agreement, is to have an estate sale. An estate sale service, like Remember When Estate Sales, LLC, can help you with this process. You can ensure this sale's success by taking these actions. 

Establish an Inventory

Going through your loved one's possessions may seem chaotic, especially if they have a lot. You can create some order to this whole process by first creating an inventory. This way, you know what's being sold and can attach a figure for how much you expect to get. You're then not left wondering what happened to a certain item after the sale is over.

The easiest way to create an inventory is to categorize items based on the room they go in. For example, bathroom essentials can go in one chart while kitchen appliances go into a separate group. You'll then have a much clearer picture of this entire sale. 

Think About Traffic Flow 

Having a lot of items to sell is great in terms of monetary value, but it can create some chaos once buyers arrive. Clutter not only prevents them from entering each room with ease, but it could result in severe injuries as items topple over. 

As a precaution, you need to create space so that the flow of traffic is improved. You can achieve this by either placing items in the center of each room, or setting possessions on the perimeter. Just make sure items are clearly visible from all angles.

Deal with Left-Overs 

No matter how successful you think your estate sale went, chances are there will be items left over. It happens to everyone, but you need to plan in advance and decide what you're going to do with unsold items. Then, you can sell the house much more quickly and move on with your life. 

A good option for unsold items is to donate them to charities. Not only are you helping people in need, but you can write these donations off on your taxes. If you're unsure of what you want to do with items, you can simply place them in storage units. These units are secure and can be accessed any time.

An estate sale is often a bittersweet moment, but you can ensure its success by planning months in advance. From deciding what is being sold to the actual layout of your sale, these details go a long way in getting through this process in a stress-free manner.