Three Safety Tips For Keeping Your Financial Information Safe In A Cloud

Posted on: 16 March 2017


Keeping business financial information confidential is vital for the health of a business as well as the finances of customers and vendors. Since most companies will have accounting information for their vendors and account or credit card numbers for customers, this information needs to be properly guarded. When you are dealing with a cloud computing system, this means that your information is readily accessible from anyplace. The fact that it is accessible also means that a hacker can attempt to break into your financial information. Here are three safety tips to keep your financial cloud safe from hacking. 

Employ two-step authentication

If you want to make sure that your financial information is secure in the cloud, be sure that your financial service employs a two-step authentication process. This can be a password as well as a numerical passcode. This can be a personal test question as well as the business tax identification number. Two-step authentication is a good way to verify identity and it makes sure that only authorized personnel is able to get into the cloud. Be sure to set a specific amount of chances to get the passwords correct before the account is locked and the account holders are notified. 

Make location based judgments

Some financial services online will make a determination about a hacking attempt depending on where the person is located. If you are located in a specific city and state, have the account send a notice if someone outside of this region attempts to get into your account. If you perform national or international travel, blocking out regions may be more difficult. Instead, you should have device-based system. This means that you will be able to access the account from your phone or your work laptop only. This will allow you to travel all over safely.

Encrypt the account information

No matter how much armor you have for your financial system, no system is hack proof. For this reason, the account numbers should all be encrypted and only the last digits of the account should be viewable when accessing the cloud. This will offer vendors and customers safety even in the event that you do experience a hack. The actual account numbers should be stored elsewhere for safe keeping on a data server. With account information being separated, you run a more significant chance or being protected from financial harm in the event of successful hacking. 

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